Kim Deal Singles series Playlist #1

kim-deal-video-shoot-the-rootI think the recent self-released single from Kim Deal are amazing. I’ve ordered the singles from and bought the MP3′s from Amazon to avoid having to copy them from my turntable (doable but it takes some time).

I discovered that not only did the songs sound great on their own and paired off on singles, but played together on my iTunes playlist, they created a new and different vibe. Maybe they were all intended to be on an album? I don’t think so, but it doesn’t matter, I’ve got my playlist.

Or I did. I lost the playlist somehow, and when I wanted to hear the songs again the other day, I had to play them from the “artists” listing on my iPhone. I was surprised to find that the new order had a great flow, and a different vibe than my lost playlist. The songs were listed in alphabetical order, and it happened to work (for me).

I strongly recommend you listen to these singles as singles. The songs are fantastic in many different ways (maybe I’ll get to explaining that in another post). I really think they were intended to be listened to that way. But I’ve got at least two of my own Kim Deal singles as album playlists (even if I’m still looking for one of them), and they sound good. Really good.

I hope you’ll check out the A-Z playlist:

  1. Are You Mine?
  2. Dirty Hessians
  3. Hot Shot
  4. Likkle More
  5. Range on Castle
  6. The Root
  7. Walking With a Killer
  8. Wish I Was


Official video for “The Root”, filmed in Dayton, Ohio.