Shadow Walk (under a Harvest Moon) by The Mulchmen

Greetings from Planet Stupider“Shadow Walk” was written for the Mulchmen’s second CD “Greetings from Planet Stupider” on Big Beef Records, which was released in 1995. Around that time we were writing a lot of songs, and even more song titles. The song titles were mainly in the hands of Gregg Spence, Andy Valeri and Steve Haldeman. One or more of them named the very rough demo of this song, adding that it should be known as our “Latvian Surf Ballad”.

The song was never played live, probably because it was twice as long as our other songs and twice as slow. It was even slower than our prom-style ballad from “Louder Than Dirt, Thicker Than Mud” which we played occasionally. Some years later The Nicky Kay Orchestra started working on it, and it sounded just fine, but it kept getting pushed down the list of songs to work on.

There have never been many requests for it, so it’s probably an odd choice for a video. The Creative Commons footage of the Harvest Moon and the mist really got me motivated to do it, and since “Shadow Walk” appears on YouTube’s own video editor, I thought that it was meant to be. It’s one of several songs of ours available for people to use – free of charge. Please feel free to create your own Mulchmen video (There are about 100 other songs too if you’d like a little more variety)!

Enjoy and let me know what you think …